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04 July, 2019
Recomendaciones Estudiantes de Intercambio

Each year, there are more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students who take advantage of this opportunity to study a semester at a foreign university through an exchange program. Thanks to a wide offer, which includes more than 30 countries of destination, and diverse in terms of requirements and the necessary investment, it seeks to give everyone the opportunity to have an international experience.

By participating, you can:

  • Live a unique study experience
  • Have an international curriculum (experience, language, personal references)
  • In the case of undergraduate, prepare for postgraduate studies
  • In the case of postgraduate, access to various resources for research
  • Grow as a person and break prejudices about others and about yourself, as well as knowing other cultures
  • Have contacts all over the world, both personal and professional and academic

Why wait? You can prepare now and embark on this unique adventure!


  • Expand personal horizons.
  • It allows to know different cultures and to live with realities different from ours.
  • Generates great capacity of tolerance to the difference.
  • It allows the improvement of languages.

At the academic level

  • Expands academic horizons.
  • It provides access to new technologies and educational systems.
  • It complements the education received in the PUCP with other courses, new laboratories, prestigious professors and researchers.
  • It is the perfect opportunity to establish the links that allow a postgraduate in the future.

At a professional level

  • It gives the benefit of having seen different things. It gives the ability to adapt to new and complex situations, necessary in any job.
  • It improves the curriculum because it demonstrates not only a more complete preparation but also because it makes it clear that it is a person who has an interest in growing and improving.
  • If you want to work in the future in that country, it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the labor market and establish professional contacts.


CASA SABABA Hospedaje para Estudiantes de Intercambio en Universidades de Lima, Perú.
Más información:  Telf.: ( 511) 261 4990 / Cel.: 949 542 088 Wasap /
Av. San Martin 743. Pueblo Libre. Lima – Perú.

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