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04 July, 2019
Estudiantes de Intercambio universidades Lima

At the moment you decide to make an exchange, the ideal is to prepare yourself before the big trip, to have a plan that covers the aspects of the exchange, as they can be: financial possibilities, cultural differences, transportation, places to eat and most to know. We are sure that the more you schedule your trip, the better your experience will be.

We want to give you the 10 best tips so you can enjoy your exchange as much as possible.

1- Know the language of the place where you will live
Although if your trip aims to learn a new language and that’s why you travel, it should not cost you anything to take a language course on YouTube (literal searches for French for doomies). It is very important to have a notion of the language, how the word is heard and how it can be used, this only to not arrive in zeros to the destination country. It will be so much easier to understand what people are saying, and basically not to get lost in the subway.

2- Investigate the place where you will live
Find out about the customs of the culture, the history of the place. This we recommend you do before and during your trip: ask, read, speak. It’s much easier to mix with locals, when you know where you are. There are many cultures like the Canadian one, where they are very kind but also patriotic, and apart they love to talk about their culture and history.

3- Make friends from all over the world!
Our advice is short: make many friends. Locals to see someone abroad, generates much interest and curiosity, and it is obvious! When you see someone from a different culture and different traits, it is normal to awaken curiosity, then take advantage of that opportunity and talk to locals, start for simple things (where is the bathroom?), and from there go integrating in a group of friends. Be sure to tell your story and why you are visiting your country.

4- Remember to take many photos
Having your camera or smartphone, is already a most in this type of experience. You will meet many people and many places. Do not forget to take your photos in the Eiffel Tower, in Time Square, in Niagara Falls or any cool place in the country that you visit, invite your best friend or all your friends.

5- Observe the environment and learn from it
If in a country there are already different people, well now imagine the foreigner arriving. You will meet people with habits, beliefs, customs, opinions and preferences that are very different from the ones you are accustomed to. Therefore you should not judge or belittle anyone, let us understand that we are all different and we have all lived different lives. Observe people, try to learn their good side and apply it to something useful in situations.

6- Enjoy and know everything you can
Your studies is the most important thing, that you do not have any doubt about that. But also take advantage of the time you have there, remember, it’s limited. Enjoy your trip, enjoy your day to day and enjoy the people you meet on the road. Go to meet new places, walk around the city, have a coffee in the nicest restaurant you can find. This stage of personal growth is very decisive in your life. Being saved of good memories and incredible moments, is priceless.

7- Open your mind to new experiences
Remember that you are in a foreign country, interacting with a very different culture and people. So we recommend you to open yourself to the new customs and daily habits of the locals. Give yourself the opportunity to try new things, such as meals, activities, plays or sports that you have never tried before in your country. Do not be afraid of the new. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.

8- Visit some bars, clubs or pubs
(Minors, please continue reading in the next point) If you are already 19 years old, events and parties are the ideal moments to interact with the locals, and it is given in a much easier way. Whether in an English bar or pub, in general it is easy to approach new people and start a conversation. So do not be afraid or afraid to do it, I’m sure everyone will be nice to you.

9- Work hard and focus on the studies
The events and parties can be fun, that is not discussed haha ​​but be careful! Do not neglect your studies. After all, the main purpose of the exchange is that you can have international training and experience. So study at home, do not accumulate pending and keep up with your subjects. Show that you are capable of doing things, even in another country.

10- Be organized and responsible
Although you will find yourself far from home, away from your family, and if it is the first time you live without them, try to use the exchange in your favor and give yourself the opportunity to reach a higher level of maturity. It is totally valid that you make time for fun, but do not fly lessons and arrive on time. Follow the rules of the school. Have discipline and organization. After all, this is for your personal growth.


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